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"Catch the Vision" in Your Life and Business

The greatest idea for your life and your business already exists.
Your job as a visionary is simply to ‘catch’ that idea, then live it.

Everything that exists today existed as an idea the moment the universe began. The microwave oven existed as a possibility when Jesus walked the earth, as did the printing press, the radio, the lunar rover and the iPod.

Through the iterative process of pondering a question and receiving an answer, in each case an inventor sat. The solution arose out of consciousness, that infinite field of all possibilities. Call it inspiration or call it serendipity; someone had to ‘catch the vision’ of what already existed in consciousness.

Conversely, everything that does not yet exist today but will tomorrow exists within the field of consciousness. The indigenous shamans rely on this as the means to support their tribe. The shaman takes a visionary journey into the spirit world to ‘see’ where the fish will be tomorrow or where the buffalo will be next week. The shaman shifts his perceptual state in order to tap into the unified field of consciousness and ‘catches’ a glimpse of what the future holds, that he might draw it towards him and begin to live it now.

The same is true for you and your business. You have to ‘catch the vision’ of what is unfolding then transform your consciousness to align with that vision so it can become your reality. You can tune in and listen for what is unfolding, take action and walk towards that possibility, knowing it is ready to appear.

Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith has vividly demonstrated the power of visioning. He is a leader in the New Thought Movement who recently achieved notoriety with the documentary “The Secret,” and subsequent interviews on Larry King Live and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

He had a vision of a trans-denominational spiritual community. In 1986 he founded the Agape International Spiritual Center upon his faith in that original vision: a world united on an ethical basis of humankind’s highest spiritual and social development. While it has become one of the most rapidly expanding trans-denominational spiritual communities – estimated at 9,000 members and 1,000,000 friends worldwide—his goal remains the same: to build community, locally and globally.

His church began with a visioning meeting held in his home with approximately 20 people in attendance. The purpose of this meeting was to become, in consciousness, the kind of church they would want to attend. With a clean slate, anchored in unconditional love, they opened themselves to the universe’s idea of what was possible. He invited everyone to throw away their preconceived ideas of what church was and to disregard their past experience of being in church, whether it was good or bad.

Visioning is different from visualizing. Visualizing is the practice of taking an idea and imagining it becoming a reality. Through attention and focus, you can discipline your mind and energy to bring this result to you.

Visioning on the other hand, is more about listening for what already exists and being open and receptive to hearing, seeing, and experiencing that vision without judgment. It may be radically different from what you expected, however the perfect idea already exists for you to catch.

'Catching' the idea begins with powerful questions and then silence as you listen for the responses. Questions like ‘How does the universe see itself as my life? What is it I have to embody or become in order for this vision to manifest?

Then you wait to inwardly hear, see, and catch what comes to you, what it looks like, what it feels and sounds like; what symbols and metaphors appear. Suspend all judgment and throw yourself open to whatever comes up. Notice what begins to flow through so you can articulate and write it down, express and dialog about what the universe’s vision is for your life.

Once you receive your vision, it is then up to you to step into that vision and become it. You must transform your life and your consciousness in order for that possibility to unfold on earth. When you align with your deeper vision, the resources of the universe pour into your life as opportunities, energy, physical and financial support, and the perfect people who can help you fulfill your potential.

The greatest idea for your life and your business already exists. Your job as a visionary is simply to ‘catch’ that idea, then live it.

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