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Presentations for Your Organization or Event

Powerful, Insightful, Humourous
“Patty dazzled our audience of entrepreneurs with her powerful multimedia message of humour, insight and wisdom.”

~ Keith Hanna, Founder,
Venture Guiding, Calgary

Expressive, Powerful Communicator
"Patty has a wonderful way of expressing universal principles in practical and easy to understand terms. Her vision of a Global Transformation into harmony and respect for all people is evident in everything she undertakes."

~ Rev Carol Carnes,
Centre for Spiritual Living, Calgary

Feels Stronger
“I did things I never thought I would do, and it made me feel stronger. Patty is a passionate speaker with a broad background of experience and expertise who really cares about the participants.”

~ DM

"Man is so made that when anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish."
~ Jean De La Fontaine


Customized to Fit Your Needs
Whether you need a program conducted during a lunch hour or something as intensive and substantial as a multi-day seminar, your participants will learn effective communication skills they’ll use frequently. Presentations are customized to suit your time frame, audience size and objectives.

Participants experience first-hand how to communicate effectively from the speaking platform and one-on-one, how to connect with their listeners and how to enhance their presence.

Presentations are:

Educational - participants leave with valuable skills they can use in daily life.
Entertaining - keeps audiences engaged and participating.
Fun - studies show that learning increases when we’re relaxed and at ease; we tackle “scary” topics like public speaking with a special blend of humor and honesty that has attendees eager to practice what they’re learning.
Interactive - exercises, activities and pairing up that turns “listening” into “learning".
Specifically designed for adult learners - no boring lectures! Your participants will return to the office with experience and confidence instead of a pile of notes that will gather dust.
Delivered using accelerated learning techniques - participants learn more and retain information longer.

Affordable, High Value
Your presentation will be a fun and engaging flow of ideas and information. As participants practice new skills they will have opportunities to expand their comfort zone and discover their personal potential is greater than they imagined. Participants are exposed to new ideas and strategies that improve their communication skills, expressiveness and effectiveness.

Great for Groups and Organizations, Large or Small
Perfect for groups of all sizes and types from civic groups to business organizations. Participants report that “Claim Your Voice ~ Claim Your Power” presentations are insightful, practical and fun. It’s an enjoyable, non-threatening way to take meaningful steps on a personal journey of self-development.

Recent Presentations include:

At the Heart of Freedom is Acceptance, Centre for Spiritual Awareness – Edmonton, AB
Claim Your Voice ~ Claim Your Power for the following audiences:
Director and Cast –The Vagina Monologues – Calgary, AB
EP Scarlett High School Career Day – Calgary, AB
Women in a Home Office – Calgary, AB
Women in a Home Office – Lethbridge, AB
World Financial Group – Calgary, AB
Claim Your Voice: The Basics of Confident Communication
Right Management Manpower – Learn at Lunch, Calgary, AB
CBE Staff Association Conference 2008 – Let’s Go, Calgary, AB
Discover the Three Secrets to Being Heard that will Change your Life for the following audiences:
eWomen Network – Calgary, AB
eWomen Network – Red Deer, AB
National Women in Business Expo – Calgary, AB
Tapestry of Women Gathering, Featured Presenter, Cochrane Ranch – Cochrane, AB
The Financial Guides – Calgary, AB
Women’s Conference - Take Charge of Your Life, Mount Royal College – Calgary, AB
Make Every Day Your ‘Birth’ Day, Unity Church of Calgary – Calgary, AB
Radio interview based on The Three Secrets to being Heard that Will Change Your Life with Sandra Yancey of eWomenNetwork

Increase Attendance at Your Events
Delight the participants at your next event with a presentation they’ll thank you for. Contact us today to discuss your event, budget and participants.


Claim Your Voice – Claim Your Power
Patty Shortreed BComm, MSOD – Voice and Communications Coach
1219 12 Street SW Calgary, AB, Canada T3C 3W9

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