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Coaching and Consulting Services

Communication training for sales people, leaders and managers.
Learn how to communicate
and persuade with ease.
“A coach helps you do what you don’t want to do in order to become what you want to become.”
~ Unknown
Clients Achieve
Impressive Results
“…I have been extremely impressed watching the results Patty gets with her clients. She is a “tell it like it is” coach, cuts past the fluff and gets to the heart of what holds them back. She has a gift for bringing out the best in her clients, in fact, she will not settle for less. Don’t waste this woman’s time, or your own. If you are not truly committed to getting results, don’t even think of hiring her as your coach!”

~ Andrew Barber-Starkey
Master Certified Coach, Vancouver

Creating the Life of Her Dreams
“Thanks to you this is a joyous day! And this is the symbol of the life I’m creating - here’s to a wonderful future”

~ Karin Hoernig,
Management Consultant, Calgary

Discovered My Inner Strength
“I connected with the power of my voice, discovering inner strength!”

~ Mary Campbell
ESL Instructor, Edmonton

“Our task is to make ourselves architects of our future.”
~ Jomo Kenyetta
President of Kenya

Effective Communication Skills Are Imperative if You Want to Succeed
How quickly you achieve results is directly related to how much support and confidence your company, team and customers have in you. Do your ideas and opinions fall on deaf ears? Learn how to present yourself and your message powerfully and passionately, in business and social settings, and see how you’ll transform your life.

Coaching and consulting are perfect for emerging leaders, managers, sales people and achievers interested in:

Speaker training: discover how it feels to address a hushed audience that is attentively listening to your presentation. You know what to say - learn how to say it so your listeners are engaged AND eager to take action. Successful sales people know that selling to groups is one of the fastest ways to improve their results. This skill alone can transform your life.
Professional communication: make it easy for decision makers to understand and support your recommendations. Discover how you can open doors and transform your future.
Speaking or singing more clearly: unlock the secrets to moving beyond your fears and feeding your confidence. When you can effortlessly express yourself everything else will seem to easily fall into place.
Improving your delivery in any situation: do certain people, situations or topics seem to trip you up? Learn how to turn your “mine fields” into a bed of roses where you’re relaxed, confident and articulate.

Tailored to Your Schedule, Pace and Preferences
One-on-one coaching and consulting is a perfect way to make the most of your time. Every session is tailored to fit your needs. Contact us about coaching packages.

Vocal coaching is a powerful tool for developing your public speaking or singing voice.

Learn the correct posture to focus your energy and project your voice.
Discover how to lift sound rather than push it - this is a "must have" when your presentation is 20 minutes or longer.
Learn the keys to developing muscle control.
Learn the secret to accelerating your progress.
Find out what most people intentionally do that holds them back and sabotages their progress and how to avoid it.

Develop Your Singing Voice
Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Patty can coach you to bring out your best performance. Gain valuable skills and insights from her professional expertise as a musician to develop and express your unique voice.

Don’t Wait Another Day, Week, Month or Year!
Are you ready to experience the confident communication you’ve dreamed of? You know you are destined for more. Don’t let poor communication skills and fear hold you back. Contact us today about private coaching or consulting in person or by phone.


Claim Your Voice – Claim Your Power
Patty Shortreed BComm, MSOD – Voice and Communications Coach
1219 12 Street SW Calgary, AB, Canada T3C 3W9

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