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Client Reviews

"There is a song deep inside you. You are born to sing a song and you are preparing. You are moving around in the stage with your dresses, but you are forgetting to sing---holding the mike, too, but you are keeping silent. 'Til that time, you'll be restless---until you can sing that song which you have come on the stage to sing. Doesn't matter if you feel a little out of tune for one minute or two. Go ahead. Sing."
~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Master Certified Coach Impressed By Results
Patty’s Clients Achieve

"As a Master Certified Coach I have been extremely impressed watching the results Patty gets with her clients. She is a “tell it like it is” coach, cuts past the fluff and gets to the heart of what holds them back. She has a gift for bringing out the best in her clients, in fact, she will not settle for less. Don’t waste this woman’s time, or your own. If you are not truly committed to getting results, don’t even think of hiring her as your coach!"
~ Andrew Barber-Starkey, Master Certified Coach, ProCoach Success System

Coaching Helps Me Untangle and Focus in the Midst of a Crazy Busy Life
“I highly recommend Patty Shortreed as a personal coach. I have known Patty for more than 20 years and can vouch for her without reservation as a wise, warm, caring, honest and skilled coach, easy to talk to, trustworthy and confidential. Patty has helped me immensely with things like taking responsibility for my choices, letting go of some really painful family issues, shifting out of victimization, and getting clear on what is truly important to me in this crazy, busy world. She is also a fantastic voice coach, singing and music teacher.”
~ Lorna Visser, Principal, Carmanah Strategies, the Slocan Valley, British Columbia

First Time Presenter Wins Praise
My presentation to the annual OTA conference was a great success; I feel so proud of myself! Thank you for all your support. I couldn't have done it without you! As it turned out, a former instructor attended my session and gave me great feedback. She is going to feature me in the SAIT student newsletter! It was a wonderful day - it just flowed. Thank you! … Thank you a million!"
~ Aimee Evans, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Breakthroughs Spark Positive Life Changes
"Thank you so much for your support over the last few years. I appreciate your wisdom, suggestions, and positive outlook. You help me see a way through the forest when I can only see the trees blocking my path. You can change my perspective and how I feel about something in a few minutes. Thank you so much."
~ Heather Jordan, Alberta Health Services, Edmonton

Coaching Delivers Life Changing Inspiration and Insights
“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your guidance and inspiration! Your wisdom, humour, ease and talent are much appreciated. I loved laughing and learning together. Many thanks and much love.”
~ Margaret M., dental hygienist

“I have been to many seminars and workshops, none so powerful and true. I was able to connect with people, face my fears, and gain invaluable feedback. It was wonderful to be in the moment – to have a course that was flexible and “tailor made” for the group. Patty is an exceptional presenter/leader and soul.”
~ MB

Perfect For Anyone Uneasy Speaking to Groups
"Awesome! Time well spent. Would recommend this to anyone who feels uneasy speaking publicly."
~ Dawn Craigie, President, In Stitches Quilting Inc, Calgary

Workshop Triggered Larger Stream of Referrals
"I noticed significant positive changes in my life after taking the Claim Your Voice 2.5 day workshop. I composed a song which inspires me daily. I am more patient now and really listen to my clients, friends, and family, especially my wife. In my real estate business referrals and repeat business now come easily. Thank you Patty!"
~ Nolin Maurier, Real Estate Investor, Red Deer

Confident Singer Inspires Her Audience
Patty, the insights and tools I learned in your 2.5-day course gave me the ability to sing with confidence. It took awhile to digest it all, but things are coming together.

While taking your workshop I suddenly realized that technique and pitch are only part of what it takes to sing well. Getting over the mental blocks, understanding where the fears come from and focusing on inner calmness are important keys in this musical adventure...

Now people come up after shows and actually tell me they enjoy my singing... something that never happened before. Even if it had, I would not have been able to accept their positive comments. Now I can. Whether comments are positive or negative, I feel confident. Your workshops are a gift!
~ Kathy Cook, Singer Songwriter

So Proud of Myself!
Thank you for the challenging and awakening week-end. You are so well informed and knowledgeable, yet you teach with such love. I have been to lectures by Deepak Chopra (4), Wayne Dyer (3), Denis Waitley, Jim Rohn, etc. and seminars with Mark Victor Hanson and you are right up there with the best of them. Since attending your workshop, I faced and spoke-up clearly to a challenging person who I’ve avoided for 3 years! Wow! I feel so much better and I'm so proud of myself!
~ Marj Sinal, Executive Assistant - Retired

At Ease on Stage
“I would have never imagined myself standing in front of a large crowd of people and feeling at such ease and now, wanting to do it all over again. This experience is so empowering.”
~ Cathy Scaife, Realtor, Edmonton

Now Looks Forward to Public Speaking
"I know I can do this. I actually am looking forward to presenting and seeing what I can pull off."
~ Nicole Miller, Geomatics Engineer, Calgary

"Tough" Conversations are now EASY!
"I used to fret about having "tough" conversations because I was too direct and harsh. As a business owner and member of professional and volunteer organizations, much of my day is spent communicating with others. I no longer experience energy-sapping stress or worry; I easily gather my thoughts and begin. A huge weight has been lifted."
~ Krista Rosemary, business owner, Seattle

Receives Accolades
“My intention was to be an inspiring leader with ability to clearly speak and be heard. Well - Patty's workshop certainly helped me accomplish that. My presentations have brought accolades from business associates and my financials just keep getting better.”
~ Christa Fricke, Network Sales, Calgary

Powerful, Insightful, Humourous
“Patty dazzled our audience of entrepreneurs with her powerful multimedia message of humour, insight and wisdom.”
~ Keith Hanna, Founder, Venture Guiding, Calgary

Magnificent! - I Loved It
“Powerful motivational facilitator – this whole weekend process is a magnificent piece of work – I loved it!”
~ SG

Safe and Empowering
“This is a woman in her truth, walking her talk, incredibly competent. One of the safest workshops I have ever attended. She allowed us to 'come to the edge' and fly.”
~ RW

Transformed in 48 Hours
“Amazing! I have been transformed from a playful child to a powerful woman – on command – in just 48 hours. The greatest impact and benefit I received was gaining empowerment and having support to show my inner power and trust my decisions. I also found a direction in my business through your feedback. Thank You.”
~ DC

Valuable for Church Members and Community
“The ‘Claim Your Voice’ weekend workshops have a wonderful impact on our congregation. After just two days of self-discovery, participants sing with more energy and conviction. Their uplifted energy is visible in other areas of their lives, too. Participants have a renewed enthusiasm for engaging in the church community, are more interested in leadership roles and are more confident in their interactions. 'Claim Your Voice' makes a valuable contribution to our members and community.”
~ Rev. Patrick Cameron, Centre for Spiritual Awareness, Edmonton, Alberta

Tears of Joy - Amazingly Fun & Liberating
“You have allowed me to walk through what was once a closed door. To actually be singing is so amazingly fun and liberating!!! It brings tears to my eyes to be doing what I have wanted to do for so many, many years”
~ Terry Harpur

Feels Stronger
“I did things I never thought I would do, and it made me feel stronger. Patty is a passionate speaker with a broad background of experience and expertise who really cares about the participants.”
~ DM

Strengthened Father-Daughter Relationship
"As a result of attending the "Claim Your Voice ~ Claim Your Power" workshop, I became very aware of the impact fathers have on their daughters. I could see the gaps in my relationships with my girls and resolved to do something about it. I contacted them and extended apologies for the mistakes I have made along the way. Within that first phone call and ever since then, we have become closer. I am forever grateful for what I learned at the workshop and know that I am a better father as a result. This experience has also helped me become more open and removing my shell that was hiding the true “Dale”! My growth since attending the course has been exponential in all aspects of my life!”
~ Dale Barnard, Production Superintendent, Geocan Energy/Columbus Exploration Ltd.

Live a Fully Expressed Life
“Patty is real, genuine, and can assist you in bringing down your veil so you live a fully-expressed life.”
~ GS

“I feel I’ve got my Self back – pure, beautiful, intrinsically perfect and whole.”
~ JS

Powerful Insights
“I realize that I am good enough. Patty has an authentic and real passion for being real and helping others see that for themselves.”
~ NM

Can Learn Anything
“I can learn to sing! I can learn anything!”
~ DF

“Relentless integrity.”
~ DS

Boldly Moving Forward
“Fabulous! Patty comes from the heart. Her content stopped me in my tracks, revealed what I needed to see and allowed me to boldly step forward.”
~ CF

Move Beyond Greatest Desires

"This workshop is well worth the time and money. Patty is inspiring, real, musically gifted and fun! People move on and beyond their greatest desires."
~ J. McMahon, Counselor, Calgary

Enjoys Freedom of Expression
“Excellent workshop. It was valuable both in the depth of the work done and the fun I had. I realized I can express myself in any way I choose. I can learn anything.”
~ Dennis Froese, Insulation Contractor, Edmonton

More Confidence in My Abilities
“I have more self acceptance and clarity, in myself and my abilities.”
~ Jessica Erlendson, Singer-Songwriter, Calgary

My Heart’s Desire Came True
“I realized my heart’s desire. I learned to trust my voice.”
~ Trish Barr-Mendis, Sweet Adelines Member, Edmonton

Discovered My Inner Strength
“I connected with the power of my voice, discovering inner strength!”
~ Mary Campbell, ESL Instructor, Edmonton

Accomplishing Goals
“Patty is extremely good at connecting with people and guiding them towards their goal.”
~ Dean Brumwell, Occupational Therapist, Edmonton

Excellent Facilitator
“Patty is an excellent facilitator - the Dr. Phil of vocal workshops.”
~ Enid Dufresne

Impressive! Engaging and Useful
“Patty is an extremely engaging speaker and presenter. The time and energy she commits to the workshop and its participants both surprised and impressed me. Her ability to translate information into useful tools for daily life will enable me to carry the workshop results forward.”
~ Cori Bryant, Occupational Therapist

More Confident About My Voice
“I am more confident in the power and depth and richness of my voice and my path.”
~ Dean Christie, Retirement Planner

“What a delightful mixture of play, personal development and consciousness shifting.”
~ Shanon Harwood

Join the hundreds of men and women who now find expressing themselves easy and empowering. If you’re ready to experience more joy, more fulfillment and more success, call now: 403-229-9321.


Claim Your Voice – Claim Your Power
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