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Communications and confidence training for leaders, managers and sales people.
Patty Shortreed

About Us

"Claim Your Voice ~ Claim Your Power" programs bring you the inspirational expertise of Patty Shortreed. Patty will show you how to communicate effectively in meetings, presentations, and one-to-one. Discover how to speak up with confidence in any situation and say what needs to be said.

Patty is uniquely qualified in the areas of confidence, courage and communication. She understands, as few others do, the challenges you may be facing and how to help you overcome them.

Voice and communications coach
Master's degree in Organizational Development, MSOD, Pepperdine University
Bachelor's degree in Accounting, University of Calgary
Founding director of the One World Choir
International educator and singer
Concert performer and recording artist

Contact us today for more information about coaching services and presentations. Discover how you or your team can lead with confidence.


Claim Your Voice – Claim Your Power
Patty Shortreed BComm, MSOD – Voice and Communications Coach
1219 12 Street SW Calgary, AB, Canada T3C 3W9

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