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Powerful Communication
      = Projection + Purpose

by Patty Shortreed, MSOD. Originally appeared in Synchronicity Magazine

You know when:

You could say something but you don’t?
Your voice tightens, cracks and breaks and what you say comes out weak and isn't heard?
Someone tells you not to sing - just 'mouth the words'?
You shy away from doing what you love because you think it won’t support you financially?

Each of these moments disempowers you, builds regret and chips away at your self-esteem - likely because you leave as much as 30% of your power behind in every conversation.

I mean power from two perspectives: the physical power to project your sound across a room, and the spiritual power of expressing your true purpose.

The Power of Projection
When you communicate, engage your full body. Draw energy up through your legs from Mother Earth through your body. Ground yourself and focus your centre of gravity in your pelvic core. With knees soft and butt slightly tucked in, lift your sound from this foundation. Avoid using your vocal chords and throat to generate power. Your power comes from your belly. The vocal chords are simply the tuning fork that creates the pitch and tone. Whether you are speaking or singing, if you are not engaged at your core, your sound can crackle and your voice break. You will feel nervous and self conscious. Engage your core and you will sound better and feel more confident.

The Power of Purpose
Your voice is the means for expressing your life purpose. It continually seeks expression. You were meant to find your true voice, engage your power, and fulfill your life purpose.

You have a unique perspective and a unique gift to share with the world. The world needs your gift. We need you to bring your piece of the grand puzzle to the table.

But we can’t get that piece if you are afraid to speak your truth.

Life presents us with painful experiences. We learn to hold back for fear of being hurt or abandoned again. Over time, we can end up moving through life more dead than alive, constantly afraid and feeling small.

In reality, life is simply the playground where you bump up against your fears in order to discover who you really are and what it really means to say: I am a spiritual being having a human experience.

Your life mission is to grow beyond the apparent obstacles, illusions, attachments, agendas, stories and limiting beliefs that have shaped your life so far to discover your true nature and purpose.

How do you do that? How do you get past the fears that you will look foolish, that you won’t be supported, or worse be ridiculed and ostracized for who you are? How do you stand up and speak your truth?

Simply know that your life purpose comes with all the courage and wisdom you require to express it fully, then begin:

Make a commitment to yourself that you will find the freedom to be fully expressed. Make it your intention to allow yourself to be seen.
Let go of identification with ego as your real self. Release the idea you are your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and embrace the deeper identity within you: your Presence.
Love and accept who you are exactly where you are in this moment, in all your humanity and divinity. The easiest thing to do is to be yourself. The chance of a lifetime is to be yourself. Choose it.
Trust that you are supported in all directions. You are safe. Believe in yourself. The Presence within you has the strength and confidence to support you to say and to be your authentic self. When you ground yourself as Presence, you can speak your truth easily. You are simply stating life as you experience it. No need to prove. No need to defend.

Within you is all the power you require to physically project your sound and to spiritually fulfill your life’s purpose. When you engage the power already within you, you will change the world. Speak your truth.

Your freedom awaits.

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