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How to Turn an Old Habit into a Beautiful Bouquet

Frustrated once again about your habit of procrastinating? Feeling scared you'll do the wrong thing so you keep putting it off? Are you giving yourself a hard time for not moving forward even though you know better?

Sounds like you're stuck in a rut... a thinking rut that is.

When an old pattern of thinking arises, it can catch your attention and drag you into focusing your energy upon it simply because it's familiar and energetically feels like home. In a weird way it feels comfortable. However, if you have been working to change that pattern, it can feel frustrating to have it recur and frustrate your forward progress.

So what do you do? Here's one approach.

Think of each day as having one dollar for every minute, $1440 in total, available for you to spend on your thinking. You have a huge bouquet of possible thoughts to 'spend' your time on each day, from the ugly deadening negative heavy thoughts all the way through to brilliant, vibrant, uplifting and inspiring thoughts.

Thoughts just happen. We have about 60,000 of them a day. Some we let float by others we pick out of the crowd and spend time with it, feeding it energy, focusing on it, repeating it, turning it over and holding it in our mind for minutes sometimes hours. On some days it can become an obsession and the only thought on our mind.

Because what we focus on we get more of, over time we will develop grooves in our brain that welcome certain thoughts more than others.

But what if the thoughts you have focused on are ones that pull you down and make you feel bad? How do you change those to thoughts that feel good? Is it even possible to change what you think? Yes it is. Thoughts are things. They are the building blocks of everything you do. Your job is to discover how to become good at choosing the thoughts you prefer so you can build the life you desire. You job is to develop the dexterity and discernment about which thoughts to invest your energy and focus on every day.

"Beware of the stories you read or tell; subtly, at night, beneath the waters of consciousness,
they are altering your world."
~ Ben Okri, Nigerian poet and author

Are you going to spend your time on the dead 'thought' flowers in the bouquet, or will you want to spend your time on the beautiful vibrant ones?

It can be as simple as when an old thought comes into your mind, you leave it alone. Turn your attention to one you prefer. Invent a new vision of your life in your imagination with your preferred way of feeling and your deepest desire for being in the world. Practice it on a daily basis so when a challenging old thought arises and starts to pull you down, you automatically and immediately are able to say, "That's not true." Then you can turn on a dime and remind yourself what is true about you.

You have 1440 thought-dollars a day or a whopping 525,600 a year to spend any way you choose. Will you choose your old rut? Or will you choose thoughts that will create a beautiful vibrant bouquet each day of the year? Your choice.

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